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An exciting post

Since last i updated:

Went from an iPhone 4 to a 6. LTE is cool. Big ass screen.

Took my GRE. did better than expected.

Went to UNT and talked to my professor and my advisor for my fraternity chapter there. Both agreed to write me letters of recommendation. My professor gave me amazing tips on how to stand out despite my ehhh GPA.

My gf is coming to visit for our anniversary. I plan on taking her to the fair. :)

It’s been a good few days.

— 1 week ago

UNT bought the sack n save by the dorms and I don’t know how to feel about it.

I used to go there semi frequently when I was an undergrad because

1) it had good deals and

2) it was a place where I felt at home almost. That’s weird to say but as a Hispanic who grew up in a house too small for my family, I felt like I had this weird connection with the majority of the people who shopped there who weren’t unt students.

I just don’t like that they’re getting rid of a store that a lot of people might have depended on for food. I don’t know.

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Someone lob me people to follow

— 2 weeks ago

It feels nice knowing that you’re loved.

— 4 weeks ago

A/C went out at the house so I haven’t been able to sleep for the past 2 hours.

Aside from that tomorrow I get to see ole girl for the first time in two months. Two. Months. I’m hype.

GRE in three weeks. Very much less hype.

Work is good, staying busy.

— 1 month ago
Road to grad school 2015

Take GRE in one month.

Get score. Apply to top 5 colleges.


Learn Spanish.

Learn how to code.

Get back in shape.

Make money in my field of study because experience is good.

— 1 month ago

The purpose of recreating this was mostly because I wanted to purge the fuck out of what was on here but retain my URL because my name rolls off the tongue really well.

I mean really the last four or five years I had my old tumblr had a lot of stupid shit that I’m embarrassed about.

I graduated from unt a year ago. Still trying to determine if that’s where I want to end up a year from now.

But just like Michael Jordan said

"I’m back".

— 1 month ago