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UNT bought the sack n save by the dorms and I don’t know how to feel about it.

I used to go there semi frequently when I was an undergrad because

1) it had good deals and

2) it was a place where I felt at home almost. That’s weird to say but as a Hispanic who grew up in a house too small for my family, I felt like I had this weird connection with the majority of the people who shopped there who weren’t unt students.

I just don’t like that they’re getting rid of a store that a lot of people might have depended on for food. I don’t know.

— 12 hours ago
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Someone lob me people to follow

— 1 week ago

It feels nice knowing that you’re loved.

— 2 weeks ago

A/C went out at the house so I haven’t been able to sleep for the past 2 hours.

Aside from that tomorrow I get to see ole girl for the first time in two months. Two. Months. I’m hype.

GRE in three weeks. Very much less hype.

Work is good, staying busy.

— 3 weeks ago
Road to grad school 2015

Take GRE in one month.

Get score. Apply to top 5 colleges.


Learn Spanish.

Learn how to code.

Get back in shape.

Make money in my field of study because experience is good.

— 4 weeks ago

The purpose of recreating this was mostly because I wanted to purge the fuck out of what was on here but retain my URL because my name rolls off the tongue really well.

I mean really the last four or five years I had my old tumblr had a lot of stupid shit that I’m embarrassed about.

I graduated from unt a year ago. Still trying to determine if that’s where I want to end up a year from now.

But just like Michael Jordan said

"I’m back".

— 1 month ago