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OFFENSE:                Aggravated Sexual Assault/Kidnapping    

DATE OCCURRED:          Nov 20, 2012

TIME OCCURRED:           7:00 p.m.

LOCATION OCCURRED:       Service Drive between RTVF Building & Art Building (300 Welch St)


The male victim reported to the UNT Police that he was walking along the service drive between the Radio, Television and Film Building and the Art Building when a vehicle (blue 4-door with blue interior, older model possibly Nissan) pulled up beside him.  The occupants asked him for directions to Kerr Hall.  He willingly got into the vehicle to take them to Kerr Hall.  He was immediately accosted. The passenger (a Hispanic male) displayed a knife, and the victims eyes were covered.  The suspects drove him to an unknown nearby but remote location and sexually assaulted him.  He was freed on the east side of campus.


Driver: White male, early 20s, 6-feet tall, muscular build, short brown hair, clean shaven, wearing a blue t-shirt, torn blue jeans, and brown boots.

Passenger:      Hispanic male, early 20s, 5-feet, 6-inches tall, stocky build, medium skin color, very dark faux hawk, clean shaven wearing an orange t-shirt, blue jeans, blue and white cheap tennis shoes.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION (if applicable):

Older model blue 4-door sedan with blue interior, possibly a Nissan.

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    Wait, why did he get in the car? I kinda hope this is a false report…how could somebody be so stupid? Either way, I need...
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    why the fuck would you get in the car? lol omg
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    Why the fuck would he get in the car to give them directions, though? I woulda been like “It’s like five fucking minutes...
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    Oh my gosh! I saw this posted and I was disgusted that this happened.
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    I GOT THAT EMAIL TOO OMG That poor guy :’( I hope he’s okay
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    Reblogging for my bros at UNT. Stay safe guys.
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    Reblogging for any of my UNT followers. Please keep an eye out. And everyone please watch out for yourselves and be very...
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    Bless this poor boy for being able to come forward about this. I will definitely keep an eye out for any persons or cars...
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    This is crazy, I literally walk there everyday! Why would you get in the car with someone???
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    ugh this is awful :(
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